Saturday, October 01, 2011

Day 2 - Bowl of cookie dough!

For MoFo day 2, I present my newest addiction - Chocolate Covered Katie's bowl of cookie dough. This stuff is amazing. Seriously. It tastes just like cookie dough but it's gluten free and full of protein and fiber - it's amazing. Here it is with a side of sliced Macs. So good. Breakfast of champions!


And through the joys of MoFo, I just saw the same recipe turned into chocolate covered cookie dough bites! Yummy.


Anonymous said...

What a simple and perfect little snack! Gotta crack out that apple corer more often around here..

Bonnie said...

That dip looks great! I made another version of that recipe (I think it was the cookie pie) and I was surprised by how delicious it was.

(is it MoFo day 2 already? I'm confused because I made my first post a little early, and now I'm not sure when to write the next one, ha).

Dawn said...

That looks amazing!!

K said...

Such a great idea, am going to give this a go!

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

It's got chickpeas in it?! I am amazed. Saving the recipe for later because yours looks so good.