Sunday, October 23, 2011

Birthday Party!

Yesterday was the first birthday party Livi has had since she turned 1 (she'll be 5 on Wednesday!). I spent hours baking and prepping and rolling and cutting, but the food was good and she loved her party, so it was totally worth it.

Here are the cupcakes waiting to be baked:


With those I started by putting the red on the bottom, but for the very last batch I reversed that so red was on top. Here's a red one baked and cut open to show the layers:


Here are the naked cupcakes baked and hanging out:


Here is the marshmallow fondant disaster area:


The fondant was actually really easy to make and deal with. When it was sticky, I used more confectioner's sugar to roll it out (like using flour with dough). When it was cooled and hard, I microwaved it briefly. 

Here is Livi fondant decorating the cake:


Finished cake (our first time with fondant!):


The inside of the cake:


Finished cupcakes (Livi did those too):


And the spread (not including hummus), including Mama Pea's banana bread and some gluten free pumpkin cookies (the ones w/o the chocolate were soy free too and they were all really yummy):


14 comments: said...

Great job with the fondant & your rainbow cakes are really pretty.

VeganLinda said...

Looks great! Happy Birthday to Livi!

Jane said...

My girls would love those cupcakes! How did you make the fondant? I have never worked with it before, it sure makes the cakes extra cute!

sgcorrie said...

All of the cake is adorable!! Happy birthday Livi!!

jessy said...

so awesome, Sarah - and happy birthday to Livi! the fondant looks so pretty, you all did a rock'n job. the rainbow cuppies are the best, too! i'm so glad she enjoyed her party and had such a fun time! totally worth it, fo 'sho!

Lauren said...

Wow, great job! I need to do something like this for Audriana's first bday next month!

Happy early bday, Livi!

K said...

The rainbow cupcakes look so pretty, happy birthday to your daughter!

Mandee said...

Yay! What a great spread and you both make excellent cake decorations!

Jane said...

Hi! I just tagged you as a Liebster Award winner on my blog at!

Dawn said...

It was all totally fabulous! You're a great party-thrower :)

Anonymous said...

That cake is super cute!! I love it! And marshmallow fondant, yum!

Happy Birthday Livi <3

Caitlin said...

i've always wanted to decorate with fondant. the cake and cookies look amazing!

Sal said...

those cakes are super cute, i love them! and I kind of want that table cloth too! :)

Vegan Triangle said...

Those look like Rainbow Cookies I used to love from Ukrops (a Richmond, VA local grocery store that's now defunct/renamed). Those look amazing and worth a disaster area.