Monday, August 29, 2011

Disney eats, part 2!

Raglan Road made me from scratch pasta!! It was amazing.


Chef Jenny made me waffles with grilled veggies at The Mara:


Pizza from Pizza Planet!


ESPN Zone - I got the grilled veggie sandwiches on an ener-g bun. I should also say that all the fries at Disney are great (except for Pecos Bills - they weren't so good):


Whispering Canyon - edamame succotash, quinoa cakes, yummy!


Grilled veggies from Akershus - the chef was so stumped but this was one of the best meals.


Worst meal - Rainforest Cafe - a chopped salad without the chicken or cheese. Not good, made my tummy hurt.


At the Land I got this sesame tofu:


1900 Park Fare - no TJ :( The chef volunteered that he had tofu so I asked if he meant scramble and he said he guessed and made this. It wasn't great, but it hit the spot!


I think that's it! 


Lauren said...

These posts are making me want to go to Disney now! Just for the food of course! Haha

Carissa said...

I love that you were able to find so much to eat there! I love the waffles so cute :)

emilii said...

you are the best!!!!!!!!! i enjoyed them all at disney this winter! LOVE your blog.

Mandee said...

The quinoa cakes looks so good!