Saturday, June 11, 2011

Addicted: Dr. McDougall's GF Pad Thai

I have a problem, and it's these.


They're $1.50 each at the Commissary and they're gluten free and vegan (clearly) and I add just a few dashes of Frank's. So yummy. Even the peanuts don't seem to bother me (and I thought they were a headache trigger).

Someone needs to save me because I can't stop buying and eating them :D


Gina Guillotine said...

Ohhhh. Quick, and vegan, and tasty??? Where does a girl sign up? NUMMY!

Sarah said...

I know!! And I usually hate those soup in a cup things. They sell them on Amazon too!

Eco Mama said...

Ha ha, just add a ton of veggies and herbs on top and keep on eating them!
Eco Mama