Monday, March 28, 2011

Some AFR and VV goodies

Some recent eats!

AFR Goddess Nicoise Salad:


VV (Viva Vegan) Orange rice with kale:


VV Orange rice with kale and chimichurri tofu:


AFR falafel (I wanted it on salad but was out of lettuce - that happens a lot lately):

AFR Falafel

Another Lauren:

The Lauren

Trader Joe's yummy gluten free mushroom noodle soup:

Trader Joe's Soup Bowl

Babycakes gluten free lemon tea cake:

BC Lemon Poppyseed Tea Cake

Italian-y tofu:

Italian-y Tofu and CS Rice with leeks


Carissa said...

Everything looks great. I LOVE kale. It's funny because I never tried it until I became a vegetarian. Now I always have it in the house :) said...

I've been meaning to make that lemon tea cake for ages, it looks delicious. I'm a huge fan of the Viva Vegan kale & orange rice too, we make them a lot at my house!

Sarah said...

Carissa - Same here! :)

Jojo - The teacake had potential, but I've recently decided that I think I don't like coconut oil and that's a huge component in this, so it didn't really work for me. Also, I was the only one who would eat it so I trashed almost all of it.

Lauren said...

Lol, another Lauren! You are hooked! Hehe! Everything looks great, yummo, move over Sherri, I wish I was YOUR kiddo now!

Sarah said...

Ha! Well I AM working on more raw stuff but I'll never be able to grow giant greens :D

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