Sunday, December 12, 2010

Pregan Comfort Food made Vegan!

Vegan Brunch Omelet filled with sauteed mushrooms and Daiya. T.V. ate a whole (unfilled) omelet!


Tempeh Chili - I used the spices listed in Vegan Comfort food but fudged the rest by myself. When I was a fat little pregan, I used to put white rice in a bowl, cover it with hormel chili, cover the whole top with slices of American cheese, and then microwaved it. This is better in so many ways. Brown rice, chili, Galaxy Rice Cheese Slices - pepper jack!


Strawberry Macaroon from Ani's Raw Food Desserts.


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Carissa said...

That omelet looks good. I just can't get into rice cheese though. Wish I could.