Thursday, November 18, 2010

Migraines, firing a lousy doctor, and my meals today

Five weeks ago today I saw a neurologist who immediately put me on a generic topamax to help prevent my migraines. I had pretty much had my migraines under control but they came back and I was having about one a week. Since starting the preventative, I've had migraines 5-7 days a week (sometimes with multiple migraines a day) and on top of that I've been nauseated, my fingers and toes have been tingly, and I have been EX-FORKING-HAUSTED. This might be fine if I felt like my neuro gave a crap, but from the very beginning, I could tell she didn't, and I'm fairly certain she's never had a migraine. When I asked for a sooner follow up appointment (my original one was 3 months from the original appointment date) I was told no and to keep doing what I was doing, despite my pain. So today, in one of my fits of cranky exhaustion, I called them and I said I wanted to know how to transition off my meds and that I didn't feel like the doctor was really working with me and I didn't want to see her anymore - oh yeah I did! So I have one week to transition off my meds and then, according to one website I found, 21 hours after that for the meds to leave my system and maybe I won't be exhausted anymore. Thus making me a better mommy and blogger, woo!

So, now . . . I shall keep attempting to figure out my triggers.


Breakfast - Oatmeal, 8th continent soymilk, flax seeds, craisins, pecans. Pecans made my head foggy, I didn't finish the oatmeal. NO MORE NUTS. I threw out my remaining pecans, hazelnuts, walnuts. Will try cashews some day soon and see if they hate me too.

Lunch was one of those sandwich thins with Trader Joe's spicy hummus and a sunshine burger.

Snack was an attempt to get rid of the ever present migraine - 3/4 of a chocolate mint clif bar (Livi always wants part of my clif bar) and some iced coffee.

Around 4:30 I had some Natural Calm because sometimes that helps with the headache.

My "my dinner is mere seconds from being done" snack was a carrot with more hummus and my dinner was quinoa, gardein beefless tips and broccoli that I baked with olive oil, balsamic and salt.

That brings me to 1200 calories which explains why I am STARVING so I'm off to play candyland and find a snack :)

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rach said...

That sounds so hard. I haven't heard good things about topamax, I am glad you set things straight since you haven't been feeling well!