Monday, October 11, 2010

Waiting for results

So here I am on day 36 of P90X Classic and although I've lost 2" from my waist and about 1 1/2" from my hips and 1/4" from my neck, I still haven't lost any pounds. This is, of course, disheartening - I had hoped (unreasonably so) to lose 2 pounds a week and be wearing smaller jeans by now. I'm not - my waist is kind of high and I wear pants at my hips, so I'm still in the same size. Normally by this point, after all t his work, I'd give up. But I'm not going to this time! Why? A few reasons.

1. That excel spreadsheet I linked to in my previous post has a cool calculator that somehow magically figures out based on the information I put in, how much fat I'm changing to muscle. I don't know if it's totally accurate - it probably isn't - but it's a good reminder that I'm converting fat to muscle and I should have patience. Increasing my muscle mass will help rev up my metabolism.

2. In the Beachbody forums there is a P90X Women's Results thread that is REALLY long that lists the amazing results women are getting. Here is some of my favorite info from that thread so far - all from a user named juleeglu who is one of my new favorite people:

Tony Horton has been heard to say himself...that during the "test phase" of this P90X Program...MANY (he says nearly ALL) of the women that participated were frustrated and wanted to QUIT in the 1st month...MAINLY, because they were not seeing ENOUGH of a change.
He begged them (as did the nutritionist) to be patient. His theory is...if we have extra weight on us, it didn't come on over it will not come off over night!

Women, also, because we carry less muscle..for genetic reasons..will gain muscle first on this program..before we lose anything. Muscle weighs more, which I am sure you know....and right now (especially in the first 30-45 days) your body is adjusting to this LIFESTYLE change. So the muscle has to fight against any fat on your body...They are actually fighting for the same space. And because you are eating right..and everyday "pushing play" of them is going to quit the fight...and it will be the fat we have stored.

The Test Group also reported that their Greatest Changes happened between days 70-90.
With the greatest reward at day 120?? GO back and look at my pictures I posted a couple days back...there was barely a change in the 1st 30 greatest change so far was definitely days 45 to now(day 65).

So the moral...hang in are "CHANGING" you just cannot see it yet.


The women from test Group and Pilot Group, both reported "greatest" results occur between day 60 and day 90.(with the peak of results at day 120) I personally had a Huge Change around days 48-50. I would go to bed and have lost weight while I slept. You body fights this New Change for the first it takes three weeks to mentally create a habit..the body (muscle and fat) take about 5-6 weeks to respond in a large way. I had incredible results in the 1st 7 days...I took pictures on week one as well...and was inspired by the change..But the Reward kicks in for phase 3. Today is day 89 for me. DAY 89!!!!!!!!

I personally found that P90X and Tony just became part of my day...just like brushing my teeth, or having my was just now something I did. The only question was am..mid day Don't get on the scale. THAT DOES NOT MATTER. This is a program that was made to Re-Shape your body and mind....and to turn you into an optimal metabolizing machine. You are re-training your body on how your life will be lived..allow the time for the adjustments. It is like going from Kindergarten to Senior yr in 90 cannot happen too fast..or it WILL NOT WORK for the long run!!

I cry now when I try on my spring and summer wardrobe..that is the change that matters...All the clothes that I loved sooo much are now back on my body! I only had 10 pounds to lose and I am down 12, and I wanted my 36" hips back from the 39" they had become from 2 kids. Well, they are now at day 89: 35"!!!!!!

So breathe in and breathe smart, get sleep...and spend a hour with Tony each day.
Find new ways to do the them onto your itouch...take Yoga X Cardio on the back porch....whatever it takes.!!!!

And from Steve Edwards,

There is a structure that is designed for you to see the greatest results in the latter part of the program. Essentially, each block is designed to have an adaptation phase, followed by a growth (or mastery) phase. In between we have recovery (that are more like transition phases). Because even the transition phases are hard, you body is in a constant state of adaptation throughout the beginning of the program (varies with indivudual but this is the general plan), that is designed for you to peak late in the program.

In any program you plan for a peak. X is designed to peak late. Once you've adapted to a set routine you have a short peak period where fitness gains happen very rapidly. In a perfect world, we've set this up to happen in block three. And this is where most people make the greatest improvements.

As an example, during our initial test group there was nearly a mutiny due to lack of gains. This was because our small group (4 people) was in breakdown through the first two stages and weren't seeing great results. The all wanted us (me and Tony) to alter the schedule of the program. I drew a chart on a blackboard, showing them what was supposed to happen. Tony backed me up and the program stayed as designed. All of those people's results went nuts during block three and they stopped complaining.

So hopefully that information helps you out, motivates you, keeps you going. I'm more than 1/2 way to the 3rd part, at which point I should be in much better shape on the outside as well as the inside.

And why am I trying to lose weight? Well, this is me, 12 days before my daughter was born.


And this was me in high school, after I lost 30 pounds:



Kerri said...

Of course we both wore navy blue prom dresses. :) I hear you on the results part...and I'm glad you're not giving up! It's like that with running right now for me. I'm losing inches here and there, but my weight is stubborn. But I feel SO much better on the inside...the outside just has to catch up now.

Mandee said...

Another great post!

Thanks for this, I'm reading that thread too and while I haven't take measurements yet (I'm on day 18) I will try not to get caught up in it all if I don't see the results I want right away.

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

Keep it up, Sarah! This is awesome!

Sarah said...

Kerri :D With dyed to match shoes, of course? And you've been doing an awesome job running! I wanted to start a few times but it was always so humid, plus when I did try to take Livi in her jogging stroller a few weeks ago, she had a melt down on me.

Mandee! Take measurements! They're such a great indicator!

Thanks Mo! :)

The Kuntrageous Vegan said...

I read somewhere recently that it takes 12 weeks of working out to see real, physical results. Stick with it girl; you've put a lot into this-you can do it!!

I would love it if you started posting exactly what you eat each day to help other vegans out who are considering doing this :)

rach said...

I have been hearing a lot about P90X! Thanks for collecting all this info on it. I may look into the program. Keep up your hard work!! (You were a cute pregnant lady too!)

Sarah said...

Thanks rageous! And I'm going to try to - a nice copy of my SparkPeople page from each day perhaps for days I don't take pics of the actual food.

Rach - thanks and you're welcome! :)