Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Veganizing Shakeology Recipes

So last week at my local Vitamin Shoppe I bought Paradise ORAC-Energy Protein Greens. I was sitting on the floor of the store with the kiddo in front of the protein section looking for something that looked like Shakeology (which I will definitely try as soon as the vegan version comes out, and I will update you guys as soon as I hear any info on that - last I heard they were still trying to decided on a protein source for it).

So I remembered that Shakeology has a LOT of ingredients including various healthy whole grains and lots of berries, and so does the Paradise Protein and I bought it. It tastes a and I had it a few times and wasn't sure I loved it. And then I heard someone refer to the Greenberry Shakeology as "Grassberry" and I figured the flavor profile was similar :) So last night I went to the Shakeology recipe page and picked out a recipe I had the ingredients for and I settled on the Key Lime Dream. I used 1 cup of kikkoman soy milk, the juice of 1 lime, 1 tablespoon of Matt Kenney's Ohgave! ($4.79 at TJ Maxx!) and a serving (two scoops) of the PP (Paradise Protein). The result? Oddly good!

(Will post picture here later - I have to get ready for my follow-up appointment with the allergist.)

This morning's breakfast? Shakeology Banana Sunshine! Orange juice, banana, PP.


Carissa said...

Sounds good! I've actually never had Shakeolgy. So, far I think my fav protein is the Raw brand. I just bought a brown rice one to try too, and it's not bad, but not great either.

Sarah said...

Someone else told me they like the Raw one! I forget why I didn't get that one - price maybe?

I have a rice protein and it's yummy, but this stuff has more . . . STUFF.