Sunday, October 10, 2010

Helpful P90X Tools I've found

The coolest thing I've found is this awesome excel spreadsheet. You plug in your start date and it tells you when your workouts are and calculates more things than I could possibly tell you. I'm so sorry, I have no idea who created it.

Also, I spent so long trying to find the best calculator to calculate calories burned from my kinda basic heart rate monitor, and I just realized there's one ON the Beachbody site - duh me! (As a note on the HRM, it's fine, but the strap feels like it might tear soon and I think I'd like more functions on it.)

The previously mentioned diet worksheets.

That's all I can think of right now but I'm sure they're more - I'll update this post as I think of some!

ETA: I left out the two calculators I found to change my heart rate monitor info to calories burned! I found two and I take the average of the numbers I get to determine my calories burned. 


Mandee said...

Thanks for this, you have all the info on P90X! :D

Sarah said...

I'm trying! I did too much searching for stuff! Oh I have to add the links to the websites I use for calculating calories burned