Friday, February 12, 2010

A Day on the Flat Belly Diet

Why yes, I did buy Prevention Magazine's book, "Flat Belly Diet!" It was on sale at my library, used (in new condition), for $1. Score! The basic premise of the book is that monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) - healthy fats - are the key. They advocate eating 3 meals a day and 1 snack a day of approximately 400 calories each, and that each one of these meals or snacks should have a MUFA. The MUFAs are oils, olives, nuts and seeds, avocados and dark chocolate. Today, as part of my renewed weight loss quest, I shall follow the plan to the letter. One reason I like this book? It has vegan meal ideas and recipes, and some are easily veganized. I should state here, for the record, that I don't tend to like unvegan cookbooks. I like things that are all ready vegan.

Today's breakfast was oatmeal, apple, almonds, cinnamon. (Pictures later - I've lost my camera's battery charger and will have to transfer stuff from my cell phone later. My cell is an LG enV Touch. It was $250 when I bought it, and I was really pissed yesterday to realize that it is now $49.99. ARGH!)


Lunch was a piece of ezekiel bread, spinach, carrots and cucumber with Jae Steele's red lentil hummus (which is yummy!!).


Then I had a green smoothie and 2 tablespoons of pecans. No picture.

Dinner was brown rice with a tofu broccoli stir-fry (recipe in the book) which I kind of enjoyed (last night, but right now, it sounds horrible and I'm not interested in the leftovers at all).


So I was briefly hungry, but that was due to poor planning - I should have split my snack into 2 snacks and had 1 earlier and 1 later. And today I just feel like it was all too much food and I feel heavy and kinda pukey. I see fruit salads and salads in my future (the future is now! I'm updating the day after I started this post).

Today's other healthy reading includes Jillian Michael's "Master Your Metabolism" from the Ft. Bragg library (they have tons of weight loss books) and Nita Patel's "Total Yoga" from the Barnes & Noble discount section. It was $12.98 and has detailed pictures of poses, various routines for different issues, etc. The Sun Salutation is different than my Kriya yoga swami taught me, but I'll do it his way :)


Caronae said...

Red lentil hummus sounds great! Have a happy Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

I did the Flat Bell Diet before wedding and lost 8 pounds in about a month. It was good :) I have thought about doing it again...maybe I'll get the book.

Mandee said...

The red lentil hummus looks great, I want to make some

Anonymous said...

Everything looks scrumptious! So since you posted this last month, how's it going now? You still doing the diet?

VivaciousVegan said...

Love,Love, Love your blog girlie!
I am a vegan with a blog too! I like to read vegan blogs, yes I am a
I am following you know to see what you eat that stalkerish?? I don't think so! lol
Anyway, though we could be friends, come visit me sometime. I have been a vegan since 2001, for health reasons, then I found out about the abuse, so now I am an advocate. If you like cats and chickpea cutlets, come check me out!!! :)

Chandra said...

nice items!