Thursday, October 08, 2009

Rethinking my plans


Raw wise, anyway.

Started today with coffee with soymilk and sugar. Then had raw granola I ordered from Matt Monarch's site (you get AMAZING deals when you're on the mailing list - I recently bought 54oz. of coconut oil for $14.95!!) with a small banana, a few frozen raspberries and some raw almond milk. The granola is okay, but it has that slightly odd flavor most dehydrated food always seems to have.


Oh, from a few days ago, I listened to Evan, cause Evan (aka RayRay) has awesome taste in food.


Yes, that is a kabocha squash with maranatha peanut butter, flame raisins, and a banana. It was yummy and so filling!!

I'll update more later as I eat more. I'm currently planning on eating every 3 hours, to see how that makes me feel.

Oh, and Lindsay from the HFS gave me a sample of Green Magma that I'm scared to try.


Meal #2 was at 11:45, in the very windy park with T.V. I had veggie sushi and the tofu wrap part of the inari (T.V. likes the shaped rice). I also had 1/2 of a Newmans S&P pretzel.

Oh, and at the super expensive store where we bought the yummy, moderately priced sushi, they had the tofurkey meals (the whole meal, not just the roast) for $9.99!!! I bought two. And a coconut milk yogurt.

Meal #3 @ about 2 was the yogurt with a tiny bit of hemp seeds, 1/4 pita with earth balance and the wish stix from my tofurkey set.

Meal #4 was about 5:30pm - VeganCore's minestrone with bunches of nooch.

Meal #5 at about 8pm was a tiny slice of date nut torte.



Lauren said...

Sorry to hear you didn't find the grawnola to be amazing, like I did! :) The company sent me a box of the stuff and I was addicted!!!! :) I had to give bags away because I was eating it so much!!

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

That looks SO good!

Sheri said...

That is a great price on the coconut oil! I pay easily $10 more for the same size of Nutiva. I just signed up for his newsletter -- thanks for the heads up :)

You should try making raw granola -- topped with homemade nut or seed milk, it is amazing. Can't stop at just one bowl!

Yumm to the veg sushi! And the coconut milk yogurt. Migraine all gone, I hope?

Thanks also, for the link to the mock salmon pate. I actually have her book, and I didn't realize it!

So nice that you had a day at the park with your tiny vegan -- sounds like a great fall day!

Sarah said...

Lauren - it's better in milk w/ fruit than plain at least.

Mo - thanks!

Sheri - the newsletter is awesome! I got those $14 truffles for $8 from him once. I have been trying to decide which granola recipe to make for myself but I definitely plan on it!

The migraine IS gone!!