Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Raw - AC Style


And by AC, I mean Alissa Cohen. I was already a member of her forum, Raw Food Talk, but yesterday I learned Alissa tweets, and from that I found Renee's quest to follow Alissa's 30 day plan. And so last night I looked over the plan and the first week sounds good, so what the heck. I'll attempt 1 whole week 100% raw.

I started the day with an apple, but wasn't feeling it (it wasn't a fabulous apple) so I added some raw almond butter. Then, while sitting outside yoga, I had 2 bites of a peanut butter cookie larabar before I realized they're only 60% RAW. I got home and made AC's mock salmon pate and her dressing and had some romaine with dressing and the pate. The pate was good, the dressing was a bit too acidic for me. I took a pic, but was starving, so it isn't pretty.


Oh, and I had a Raweo to distract me from the pita breads T.V. asked for at the store.


Today I had another blueberry/celery/banana/flax seed/mekabu smoothie, and because I was too lazy to take out the juicer, I vita-mixed a kale leaf, a carrot, 2 apples and some lemon together. The first was a lovely color and the second looked like swamp sludge, but they were both yummy! I also ate a bunch of banana chips, and had one with this sesame hemp cocoa spread.

Also, I made AC's date nut torte which is just walnuts, raisins and dates, and it was super yummy! I made 1/2 the recipe and ate only about 1/6 of what I made (but I'm about to have another piece!)

My unrawness for the day was very tiny - while in the midst of a migraine, I was at the very brightly lit car dealership (service was fixing my 09 Corolla's recalled brakes) and I had about four tiny sips of earl grey tea with one sugar.

Nuts are soaking for fettucine alfredo and almond milk.

Another update: Made corn on the cob (steamed) for T.V. w/ some e.b. and s&p. She ate a few bites, and I just turned around and it was there and I ate it, and now I feel BLECH about it.


Lauren said...

Good luck! I love raweos!!!

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

Wow. You're getting me all inspired again.

Sheri said...


As in, raw oreo?

Oh my, that'd be good right now :)

Good for you for your 100% raw week ahead! Hope it goes well and that you enjoy every scrumptious bite.


Sarah said...

Thanks ladies!

Lauren - glad you like them! Sheri - they're not all that great, I think, but they have loads of potential.

Joyce Holsten said...

Hi Sarah! We were back down in Kittery a couple Saturdays ago! Love that area! And after we accomlished our mission, we drove around the Kittery coast and just happened to drive by Alissa's B&B. Very cool that my husband got to see it!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Glad you like the photos :-)

And I'm looking forward to checking our your blog!


Anonymous said...

good lick on the raw journey!