Monday, October 12, 2009

Moshe, How I Miss Thee

From September 2005 until April 2008, I lived in Brooklyn. For awhile I was working a temp job for RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) on 6th near 46th (In case you're interested, while working there, I once ran into Geraldo at the Au Bon Pain in the lobby - I have the lamest celebrity sightings). It was at that point I discovered Moshe's falafel cart.

For less than $5, I got a nice sized pita with these golden falafels, tons of veggies, and these cool pickles. And I haven't had a falafel I've liked as much since. I was just googling Moshe and some people seem to think there's cornmeal in these falafel, but they didn't seem to taste corn-y. I'm not buying it. Anyone know? A picture of said falafel is here and here's a shot of the cart and the whole sandwich.

I once walked like 40 blocks, round trip, just to get a sandwich.

My other lame celebrity sighting? Seinfeld at the Triangle Town Mall in Raleigh, NC. My coolest celeb sighting? Morgan Spurlock's fiance, vegan chef Alex Jamieson! I think it was her - I walked by her in the city somewhere.


Lauren said...

Haha, Last time I was in Pure Food and Wine (over the Summer) I saw Alex Jamieson, eating dinner with a big group! :)

I also saw an ex-cast member from my soap opera at my Whole Foods last week. I was too nervous to go up to him, he was dreamy! LOL!!!!

mollyjade said...

I used to eat at a Moshe's falafel cart when I was in college in Philadelphia. I've been looking for those little pickles ever since.

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

Seinfeld is a lame sighting to you?! I'd totally pee my pants if I saw him.

And I could see traveling 40 blocks for good falafel.

Sarah said...

Lauren - Us vegans are all about Alex! :D

molly - Hurray! Someone who understands! What is with those pickles anyway?

Mo - I never liked the show - the bf @ the time was totally in shock though. Ha!

Anonymous said...

I used to LOVE Moshe's Falafel back when I lived in NYC. I searched for the recipe and found it here:

Look at the 5th ingredient. Not Vegan! :-(

But just today I was double checking-maybe this isn't the REAL Moshe's Falafel and came across this:

Definitely not the same, but vegan. Will the real Moshe please stand up.

I'll do more investigating and let you know what I find.

Sarah said...

How can someone anonymous be so helpful??? Awesome - thanks!! I have no faith in that 1st recipe, but the 2nd recipe seems good - I'm doing high raw now, but I'll try it in a week or so when I give in :D