Wednesday, October 07, 2009




Okay, sorry. So Monday I redecided to commit to 100% raw (after my morning coffee, that is). And I was doing really good, except yesterday I had a horrible migraine, and today I had another one. And the crappiest part about migraines (these days) is how hard it is to be a good mommy when you want to curl up into a ball and cry yourself to sleep. Quietly, of course. I spent a few hours not taking my migraine med, in an attempt to detox (Relpax, btw, if you're wondering) from my meds, but I gave in and took 1, and then 2+ hours later, a 2nd. So by about 8:45pm, almost 2 hours after I put T.V. to bed, I was feeling better. I credit the tiny can of ginger ale and the 5 baked lays.

So this Raw recommitment was due in large part to my enormous frustration with my inability to lose weight (I've only lost 12lbs in over a year).

Anyway, that explains why I'm just squeaking in this post, 2 hours and 16 minutes before the end of this grand Mofo day.

Today's food:

Date Nut Torte
Salad with "salmon" pate, dressing, and raw "parm" (walnuts + nooch!)
1/2 peanut butter cookie larabar
Milkshake (almond butter, agave, water, bananas, cacao nibs)
Raspberry/celery/seaweed/banana smoothie
5 baked lays
ginger ale
apple with almond butter

Also, I should be embarassed to share that I just watched and loved "17 Again," but then part way through, they mentioned Cutler High in Connecticut, and I went to Cutler Middle School in CT, and I remembered the guy who wrote "Flatliners" - Peter Filardi - and in the credits I saw that Jason Filardi wrote "17 Again." So WOO for famous guys who graduated from my high school!!


Sheri said...

You are doing great! You don't have to be 100% raw to reap great benefits -- though it sounds like you're awfully close to 100%. Aside from the migraines, are you feeling good? Hope the pain has lessened. Hard to parent with a whopper of a headache, huh?

Salmon pate? Did you make that up? Sounds amazing! And look at you with your fishy go, girl!

Sarah said...

Thanks Sheri! :) The migraines sort of take over, so any positive effects aren't even noticeable when I'm suffering. I did wake up before the kid today, so that's amazing!

Salmon pate from Alissa Cohen's book - oh, and it's here!

Eco Mama said...

Hi Sarah,
I've been having really bad bouts of migraine lately, and I'm with you--it's so hard to be a good mommy when you're in that kind of pain. You'd think our awesome diets would be enough to make them stop, huh?!
Eco Mama