Friday, October 02, 2009

A Bigger Trip to Raw


I've tried being higher raw a few times, and my most successful attempt to date was 3 weeks starting in mid-August. For those 3 weeks, I was 85%+ Raw. I even quit coffee again. I did this for several reasons, the biggest one being weight loss, but also to help with headaches, allergies, and various little skin issues. I dropped 5 lbs in 3-4 days, but 3 of those came back when I stopped - boo!

Here is my raw book library.


Here is some food from that time period.

A Raw taco salad. Romaine, green onions, corn, peppers, salsa, and a cilantro lime dressing (a sour cream recipe from Alissa Cohen's book, with a bunch of cilantro and lime juice added). Super yummy!

RAW Taco Salad

Tuna on lettuce. It's good. Really!


Milkshake! AWESOME. Frozen bananas, raw nut milk. Also good with cinnamon, and/or cacao nibs and a touch of peppermint extract.


Sandwich. Alissa Cohen's calzone dough recipe as bread, avocado, lettuce, tomato. I didn't love the calzone dough, but Raw breads and I don't get along, so.


A kale salad from the Cafe Gratitude book. I didn't like it.


Tuna on a salad.


My mom's gazpacho, rawified + the awesomeness of a vita-mix.


A muesli I had for breakfast a few days ago. Apples, buckwheat, coconut, goji berries, pecans, raw almond milk.


And now, a side note on the awesomeness of Nalgene. Here is my nalgene bottle after the second time I dropped it (the first time, the top broke. they sent me TWO replacement lids):


I wrote to the lady I had previously spoke with when my top broke. Five days after my email, I had a new nalgene bottle in the mail - WOO! So to fork with you know who!


Jeni Treehugger said...

I had to look up Nalgene cos I'd never heard of it before - it's like Tupperware yeah?

Sarah said...

Sorry Jeni - I meant to add a link and forgot - it's in there now. And sure, kinda like tupperware. BPA free plastic bottles. Dishwasher safe - woo!

Sheri said...

Look at all that GREAT FOOD! Yummy! I want to eat at the I'm Not Starving house :)

That tuna looks eerily like the real deal! I checked out the recipe and I plan to try it this weekend. Looks great. That recipe will be a better way to use my kelp (no more kelpy smoothies for my punks!)

Awesome customer service from Nalgene. Gotta love that :)

Lauren said...

Yummy raw food! I loooove raw tacos! Mmm! :) And that sandwich..woooowza~!

Veg-a-Nut said...

I wish I could go 100% raw. I love raw, but my cravings get the best of me. Besides, how can I do all raw without a vitamix. How I wish the vitamix fairy would bring me one. By the way that sandwich looks wonderful!

Sarah said...

Sheri - Such good kids you have, drinking kelp-y smoothies! I put some dried wakame in this recipe once and it was okay, but really, I hate seaweed (unless it's hiding in an inside-out nori roll:) And YES! for awesome customer service. Such a shortage these days.

Lauren - thanks!!

Veg - I too always succumb to cravings. But I do find the more I do high raw the less I like some things. Plus now I notice how non-raw makes me feel UGH after. Not that that stops me (yet) :D

Sal said...

yum it all looks awesome. I still haven't tried doing a raw day or anything yet, I keep meaning to.

That milkshake sounds ace, I just bought some cacao nibs!

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

I found it was a lot easier to be raw when I was living away from my husband! LOL. It's seriously hard being in a house with somebody eating cooked food right next to you.

Anonymous said...

Looks good! My favorite raw book I think is raw food real world but those recipes take forever! Wish I had a vitamix! Some day :)

Anonymous said...

All your pictures make me want to eat more raw, especially a big yummy salad! It looks lovely :-)