Monday, May 18, 2009

Fox Network - BOO!! Goodbye Sarah Connor Chronicles

You know, a quick not related to food rant. About another show I really liked being canceled. Because apparently, most people would rather watch Dancing with the Stars or the 8 gazillionth season of 24.

I recently found this picture of Summer Glau, and I'm pretty convinced that this picture alone could have helped save the series.


And c'mon, Thomas Dekker is an adorable vegetarian (who doesn't photograph well, oddly enough) and is a way better John Connor than Edward Furlong ever was. And Lena Headey is clearly tons better than Linda Hamilton.


And Brian Austin Green - David Silver who?


And Richard T. Jones!

So anyway. Fox saved Dollhouse for a 2nd season, but frankly, I'm so ticked they canceled T:TSCC that I'm much less excited about it than I should be.

Here's the show over at Hulu.

You can email Fox to tell them they suck via You can write to the WB to ask them to present the show to other networks here.


Sal said...

GAH I second your BOO!!! I love the Sarah Connor Chronicles!

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

I wish I would have watched this show. I watched bits of the first season but fell really far behind and never caught up.

Bethany said...

that is really annoying. another one of my favorite shows goes down the drain.

i wonder if they would bring it back if the terminator movie is successful. to be honest I really don't care about seeing the movie because I like the series so much better.

Tabitha said...

Hi, I saw this post linked from another blog and HAD to comment! I am upset about this too. I love Dollhouse, but if I woul dhav to choose which one survives, Terminator wins hands down.
Hopefully the movie (which I just saw today and thought was AMAZING) will generate interest in the show? I don't think they even promoted Terminator that well in the first place.

Sarah said...

Bethany - Agreed! If the movie had the actors from TSCC, I'd go because they're awesome at it.

Tabitha - Also agreed! I'd rather have Terminator over Dollhouse any day. I was hoping for both, but if I had to choose . . . TSCC, no contest.

Mo - Netflix!

Sal - After my own heart!