Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dehydrator Stress

I continue to be stressed over the Dehydrator decision. While I normally have it at least narrowed down to Excalibur or Good4U, sometimes the cheap/sensible voice in my head says "Nesco!!" But I really actually would prefer a square one without the hole in the middle.

So then it's the decision on number of trays. 4? 6? 9/10? I like the Good4U. You can get a 10 tray w/ al the required sheets and such for $140 or a bit less even. But then I see there's still no cover for it and I can't even find a website for the company that makes the Good4U - just the vendors. So then I think Excalibur! A 4 tray is just under $100. But then I remember I've heard it's very noisy. How noisy? Bothersome noisy?

4 Tray Excalibur:


10 Tray Good4U:


If you have insight, I'd love for you to share. CONFLICTED!

Also, I just noticed the E has a 1 year warranty and the G has a 10 year.

Ooh! Currently decided on the Good4U. I'm sure I'll change my mind again. *sigh*

ALSO. I've heard that G has great customer service and E has lousy customer service. And I just noticed the E doesn't have a timer?

Still decided on G! Time will tell . . .


Anonymous said...

wish I could help. I've been fantasizing over getting a dehydrator some day soon, but never ended up having the guts to go for it. good luck!

Sarah said...

I ordered the Good4U! Price matched to $123.95 - all meshes and whatnot included. Free shipping. Backordered until 12/26 :(