Thursday, December 18, 2008

Darn you ABC! Pushing Daisies Sadness

I LOVE Pushing Daisies. Some pictures to illustrate its whimsy:





Bryan Fuller is a genius. I'm already sad without my Wonderfalls. And Dead Like Me, though I'm not obsessively in love with it, was a darn good show too. And it had Mandy Patinkin! So I'm really, really annoyed that ABC has canceled Pushing Daisies. And I'm even crankier because apparently they stopped airing PD episodes after episode 10 - last night - when they promised to air all 13 created episodes of season 2!

Does anyone important care that I'm mad? No. My biggest connection is that I went to high school with a guy who works on Ugly Betty (which I also enjoy, but don't obsessively love/need).

There are PD devoted sites that tell of what you can do to try and fight back against the cancellation. I'm going with the "they're too dumb, it might be a waste of time" train of thought but I did send a letter with daisies in the envelope, daisies on the letter, and daisies on the envelope!

Maybe I shall have to come to terms with the fact that if a show is creative genius, it's doomed. But I am, most definitely, a member of the Bryan Fuller fan club.

And the Lee Pace fan club.

And a picture for my beloved, lost, 1-season Wonderfalls.


CREATIVE GENIUS, people. If I were a millionaire, I'd create a TV network just for Bryan Fuller. If you see him in public and you're a good little Daisies and Wonderfalls watcher, tell him you're sorry and anxiously awaiting his next genius show, or, even better, a network smart enough to renew Daisies.


Here's Lee, Bryan and Anna. If you didn't watch PD, tell them you're sorry they lost their jobs because you didn't appreciate the creative whimsy. TELL THEM.



Anonymous said...

it's almost hard to watch the current episodes, knowing it'll pretty much be the end of it. I know there's talk of a possible movie, but I'm still waiting for one of Dead Like Me, and I'm tired of holding my breath on that one too.
Oh, Ned and Chuck, no more drooling over your beautiful pies.

Mat Thomas said...

I'm a fan of the show too, have seen every episode, and this is the 1st I'm hearing of the cancellation. I'm devastated: how sad and unfair, especially considering that so many insufferable TV series will remain in production. Hopefully, in the modern era of 500 channels, some cable network will recognize the genius of PD and put them back on the air.

Gina said...

I'm not important but I am also extremely upset that they are canceling it. It is one of my favorite shows.

becoming whole said...

I love love love this show. I am really going to miss it. I hope someone gets a clue and brings it back. I am with you havecakewilltravel I can't get it out of my head when I watch it that it is ending. So sad about this one.

Bethany said...

I like pushing daisies, but for some reason, I really really hated chuck. she just annoyed the hell out of me.

I didn't know it was cancelled. annoying. I loved their sets.

I also didn't know that wonderfalls was by the same guy. I really liked that show.

the only time I've ever heard of a show being put back on the air was for Jericho. and they only got a partial season before they ended it. basically lots of fans sent peanuts to the producers.

Lauren said...

I'm a fan too! I was so sad when I heard this. I love everything about that show! :(