Saturday, July 12, 2008

Likable versions of things you normally don't like but know you should like

You know what I mean. You know you should eat it, but you just don't like it.

Like I hate oatmeal that isn't those crappy lil instant packets. But then, the other day, I bought scottish oatmeal. The Bob's Red Mill brand. And I made it and added a tiny bit of agave and some vanilla soy milk. And a buttload of strawberries and blueberries - so many berries that each bite of oatmeal had 2 or 3 berries. And I liked it!

And kombucha. Now, I know that kombucha is good for me. I read it in Any Phyo's "Ani's Raw Food Kitchen" and I did further reading and I got this gingerberry flavor - and it was gross, I hated it. In case you don't know what kombucha is, it's fermented tea. So it tastes like wine. And I hate wine. But I went back to the health food store and was inspired by the Mystic Mango flavor, and the store owner agreed that it's one of the most likable flavors. And I like it! After it stopped fizzing all over me of course.

Livi and I went to TWO farmer's markets today, but I left my camera at a friend's house and so I only got a crappy camera phone picture of my haul. Scallions, more cute pumpkin shaped zucchinis, rainbow chard, pretty heirloom cherry tomatoes, tri-colored beans, cilantro, basil . . . I can't remember what else. Oh! A purple kohlrabi for $.50 - how could I say no? I've never tried so I'll update once Livi and I try it.


After that we went to the supermarket for dates (I've got more raw recipes to try!) and Soyatoo and Zen Soy chocolate pudding, and Livi had 2 meltdowns when I tried to put her in the cart. Oy. Later, a nice lady came up to tell me how adorable Livi is and how open she was and how Livi was waving at everyone - sweet - thank you ma'am! :)

Oh and I bought a new food processor/blender to replace the one I killed trying to make Ani's raw donut holes. This blender/processor is the one I killed: - so I looked at some places to see what was available, and I looked online, and I searched the PPK boards, and today I went to Bed Bath & Beyond with my 20% coupons. And it was there I went back and forth and back and forth and back and . . . you get the picture. SmartPower Duet® Blender / Food Processor? Pro Classic™ Food Processor? Back and forth back and forth. The bigger one has a dough blade - cool! But I have a kitchen aid stand mixer - do I need a dough blade? Yes, no, yes, no? Can I use the big one as a blender? I have a stick blender, do I need a blender? How big was the food processor I had? How big are these motors? Combo has a 3 year warranty, big one has a 5 year warranty. Do I get the big one and a cheap blender later? I hate my stick blender (mom gave me her thunder stick pro - ha!)

I almost had a meltdown. I'm still not sure if I did the right thing. … p;cat_id=1 for $79.99 - 20%. The confused guy there said that 2 things for $20 less was clearly better, but of course he had no idea what he was talking about. So far I've tried to crush flax seeds into powder (failed, had to use the coffee bean grinder) and I made Ani's Cherry Malt smoothie, which has almonds that stayed chunky. If I win the lotto, I'm buying a house with a huge kitchen and lots of counter space and I'm getting at least an 11 cup Cuisinart processor and a friggin Vita Mix already.


Kristen's Raw said...

Congrats on your new kitchen tool!

Kombucha... not crazy about it myself, but I do think it's fun sometimes. When I want something "different" I have it on occasion :)

Kristen's Raw

Erin said...

Oi, blender purchasing is tough. I have pretty decent food processor and blenders, and they still fight with me all the time.

yummama said...

Funny, I killed a food processor trying to make ani phyo's donut holes, too! And then I was too scared to try using my vitamix (best present my husband ever gave me!) for fear I would bust that motor, too. I ended up doing a LOT of chopping myself.