Wednesday, January 24, 2007

general tso's!

first off, my apologies for my lack of capital letters in this post. i spilled hot cocoa on my keyboard and the shift key on the right doesn't work, and the one on the left isn't comfortable for me to use.

so, first of all. the general tso's tofu from vegweb that the ppkers keep raving about. and rightly so - it's awesome!!

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the olive broccoli frittata from vwav, with added spinach, and a failed (but yummy) pita bread. this frittata taught me that too much thyme is not a good thing (i used extra in an attempt to compensate for extra veggies being added). if not for the thyme excess, it would have been great!

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the vwav fronch toast - yums!! all the yum w/o any gross eggs - woo hoo!!

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and finally, the pan fried eggplant from vive le vegan - it was really good, except i didn't prep my eggplant well enough and some of it was bitter. alas.

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madeinalaska said...

We LOVE that recipe.. I use "chicken" seitan instead of tofu. Kids LOVE IT!
ohh and the Fronch toast! love how easy and satisfying that is!

Anonymous said...

wow ,this looks so yummy! thanks for share!