Monday, May 22, 2006

More blood tests

I called the doctor's office for the results of my AFP test ( and the stupid new receptionist didn't get why I couldn't wait till my thursday appointment for the results, but she had the nurse (a new nurse! someone who probably doesn't think you can feel 6 week old embryos move!) call me back. The nurse called to make sure she knew what I wanted, but said the results weren't back, so she called the lab for me! She called back and said that the test results were normal!! Yea!! A lot of these tests result in false positives, and then further testing (including amnios) are recommended. I wasn't even going to get the test, but my DH is in the Army and he said they have special accomodations for kids with special needs and that we should know as early as possible if that's so because the post we're at doesn't handle that and we'd probably have to move.

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