Monday, March 27, 2006

Sort of a surprise, but definitely a good one!

Update: On February 15th, I had a feeling . . . a feeling that I was pregnant. I had a leftover pregnancy test, so I took it and . . . tada! I am! (Actually, I took the first one at 4am cause I had to go and I still believe in the school of thought that loves first morning urine. I thought I might have screwed it up (peeing on a stick at 4am is harder than you can imagine), so my fiancé and I bought another one, but we got a 2 pack, so I actually took 3 tests, total - and yet I still didn't believe it! Haha!) But HURRAY!!!

To make everything more stressful and complex, at my first doctor's visit (I was 6 weeks), he thought I was either farther along than I thought or that I had twins. I went to get a sonogram, and they found a fibroid, but they didn't find anything to indicate that I was pregnant, and one of the doctors there asked if I had bled any!!! I was panicked, of course, and they told me to come back in a week and a half. A week and a half later . . . I had an itty bitty teeny weeny baby and a lil heartbeat!! I was sooooooooo relieved!! (That's why I waited so long to add this post - they thought that I might have a blighted ovum, which basically meant they were just waiting for me to miscarry. Plus the doctor has deemed me high risk. *sigh*
Background: When I was 19, my loser boyfriend at the time got me pregnant. I had some bleeding, and because of an abrupted placenta ( - you'll notice the possible causes of placental abruption - I had/was none of those, but you have to admit that fate knows what it's doing. Oh - and I am Rh negative (
In any case, life is much better now and I am so excited! However, as before, I am not having the best luck with morning sickness. Part of the problem is my prenatals. I started with KAL Vita Mom vitamins, but to get my RDA for those I had to take 6 a day! I switched to Nature's Plus Ultra Prenatal (only 2 a day), but those made me worse than just nauseated. Now I'm on some kiddie vitamins until the end of my first trimester, then I'll try switching back to real prenatals.


I was committed to having a completely vegan pregnancy, but I have to say that when every food in the world sounds HORRENDOUS, it makes sense to expand your eating habits a bit. The only reason I didn't want to do this is all those doubters out there who will say "Oh, see? Your body knows that being veg*n is unhealthy!" To you I say . . . well, nevermind what I say - it's not friendly of me. But you're WRONG. What I know is that I am pregnant, and I am hungry, and if the thought of a certain food doesn't make me want to throw up, I'm going to eat it! So I'm not vegan right now, but with the exception of one fried haddock sandwich, I'm vegetarian! But I'm still not drinking milk or most cheeses (the fiancé made cheese raviolis, one of my old favs the other day and I had to have some!), and I still think eggs are gross. But I've had the raviolis, and cream cheese one day, and a muffin from Dunkin Donuts one day . . . you get the idea.

Back to the present: So the other night, I had a dream about mustard! My fiance and I had just run out, and I guess I was sad that I couldn't have any to go with my microwave warm pretzels! LOL. So today I ran out to the grocery store for rolls, apples, a kasha knish (from Key Food, the crappiest grocery store ever. Their knishes aren't too good either - I think they're definitely not vegan - they taste funny to me), and . . . spicy brown mustard! One of the side effects of the mustard is that it clears my sinuses which have been so clogged lately!

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